Our Mission...

  1. To help HR Consultants make more money;
  2. To help HR Practitioners / Employees impact their company’s profits; advance their careers / pay; and increase their employment security; and
  3. To help promote the HR Profession and facilitate its earning of the highest level of business-value recognition it deserves.

4-Profit-HR does not deliver “task-level HR” to businesses.

We will develop Strategic HR Plans for business clients

and educate their Management Teams on the profit-impacting value of having one.

And we help our many HR consultant and practitioner clients

with our “business” and “sales” expertise that assists them with compelling communication

of WHY and HOW almost 200 HR tasks, products, and services

impact the Profit & Loss statement of a business.

This is what CEOs want to hear from HR!

… from People  to  Employees  to  Human Resources  to  HR ROI  to  Profitability!

Human Resource Professionals – whether consulting to businesses or employed within one - face a big challenge. Specifically, teaching and convincing the C-suite in a compelling manner, the Profit Impacting Value of HR.  Often seen as “just the paper pushers and compliance police”, HR may not be held in the highest of regards by many in C-level management.  And yet HR impacts every single aspect of a company, with small improvements offering dramatically increased profits, and small HR mistakes devastating the bottom line.

If You’re in HR, We Should Talk If…

Client Testimonial:

“I’ve been in HR for 30 years and I’ve never seen a better way to communicate HR’s value than your HR Value Pyramid.”

Jeff Stinson


President, GHRO


Human Resources Value Communication Tools and Expertise

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