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When the average person in business thinks of “HR”, they rarely think of “Sales” at the same time. But the vast majority of HR Professionals I speak with tell me that one of their biggest problems is getting others to understand the value of what HR does.  And in fact “Value Communication” goes hand-in-hand with “Sales”.

So whether you’re an HR Consultant or an HR Employee within a company, you’ll find yourself in some type of “sales” at one time or another – and the outcomes of those instances are often critical to your success.

Custom HR “Value Communication” Training Sessions:

Topics of interest for HR Consultants or HR Associations/Groups may include:

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

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Consultative Sales Principles and Skills:

Prospecting; Marketing;  Networking;  Asking Questions;  Teaching Value;  “How” Selling versus “Why” Selling;  “Cold” Calls versus “Warm” Calls;  Overcoming Objections;  Earning ‘Trusted Advisor’ status versus ‘Vendor’ status;  Why People Buy / Change;  the “Elevator Pitch”;  The Complexities of The HR Sale;  Generating Referrals;  Effective Written Correspondence;  Asking Why? Why? Why? Both Up and Down the HR Value Chain;  and more…

Business 101:

Revenue;  Cashflow;  Gross Profit;  P&L Principles;  Net Profit;  Return on Investment (ROI) Principals;  Business Valuations;  Metrics

HR Value Principles: “Assessments” versus “Audits”;  Strategies vs Tactics vs Functions;  How to Support 7 P&L Strategies with 7 HR Strategies, 11 HR Tactics, and Numerous HR Functions;  Quantification of HR’s Value;  “How” Selling versus “Why” Selling

Sales System Consulting

For organizations in which a dedicated Business Development effort exists, ‘systemization’ for achieving consistent, excellent sales results is critical, and assistance is available in areas including but not limited to:

4-Profit-HR will work on any Sales project – large or small – for your firm.  Starting with an initial diagnosis of your existing efforts and company profile, we can either suggest small improvements or build from the ground up.

Client Testimonial:

“I learned more today than I have in any other training session.  I’m not numbers oriented, but now I know how the HR I do can impact the profitability of our Clients.”

Jill Gardner, SPHR

Director of HR


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