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  Feb 2, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #12

An HR Person Who Knows "Business"??

Last week, I presented my "How to Sell HR Value to the C-suite" presentation to the Hanover, PA chapter of SHRM.

At the end of the meeting a gentleman came up to me, with his copy of the HR Value Pyramid I hand out, and he said:

That was a great presentation. You know everything you suggested and taught actually happened to me. I was in HR for a really long time. Then I left, for a number of reasons, and got involved in sales and some operational jobs. Then a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to go to work for a veterinary practice. They have 7 doctors and 47 total employees. They hired me to fix all the HR stuff that was broken. For every single thing I did, I conveyed to management how it was going to impact the P&L. I learned to think that way in those other non-HR sales and operations jobs I had. And over time, profitability of the firm escalated dramatically.

And they've just offering me a 20% partnership in the practice!

The managing partner told me that one of the other partners expressed a bit of concern about having a non-veterinary as a partner, and he told me that he told that person, "I can find another vet anytime I want, but I doubt I'll ever find another HR guy who knows business."

Talk about being welcomed to the C-suite!

So even if you spend a good part of your day doing HR "stuff", take pause to remember or think through the business purpose of your initiatives; keep management informed of how the company will benefit (at the highest level); track your financial impact results (where possible); and be prepared for your "seat at the table"!


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