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Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #18

Using Visuals To Make Your HR Presentations/Arguments Compelling

A while back, I was doing an HR services proposal presentation to an organization, and there were several "new" participants present in the decision making process who had not been involved up until that point. Early on, while I was setting the stage for what we were going to go over, most of the folks were polite and relatively quiet, but one person was quite outspoken and seemed against the whole idea of addressing HR.

That is, until I handed everyone their company's specific HR Report Card / Dashboard.......

Several minutes into explaining the document and how it was compiled, "Mr Negative" piped up and said, "Wow. You now have my attention. This is scary. There's a lot on here that needs to be looked at."

Up until that visual was presented, the seven people in the room no doubt had different and only partial understandings of how they were lacking in key HR areas. But as soon as that information was put into a visual, the understanding level went up immensely. In fact studies have shown that visual-plus-verbal presentations are up to 6 times more effective than verbal-only ones.


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