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  November 17, 2014  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #2

"Teaching" (Clients) HOW HR will impact the P&L...

Whether you're an HR consultant and your "clients" are businesses, or you're head of HR in an SMB and your "client" is the C-suite, or you're an HRBP in a large business and your "clients" are their business units, the value of your expertise and contributions to the business will be more readily accepted and welcomed if they hit at the P&L level. That may be the company-wide P&L or departmental level budget/P&L. They're both critical.

So how might one concisely "teach" your "client", in a compelling manner, how your HR skills and initiatives will help DRIVE the P&L?

Below is an 8 minute video designed to set the business stage for HR and to earn the right to engage in a strategic discussion about designing the business plan. The plan can't be accomplished without people and that's where you come in - to optimize the "people part" of the plan.

(when you play the video, click the 'full screen' icon in the lower right corner for best viewing)


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