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  April 20, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #21

How Much Does Turnover Negatively Impact Your Profits?

Last week we talked about different ways to say things to be more impactful in our business communications. When we ask "How much does turnover cost your business?", the person you're asking may only think of checks they have to write. When we ask "How much does turnover negatively impact your profits?", we open up the discussion to the lost profits from separation, vacancy, low employee productivity, long learning curves, lost customers, etc, etc.

Do you have a way to credibly show that to your clients or within your own business? The 6 minute video below will take you through a (very fast) realistic example case study of this huge profit drain.

Click the picture or here to play the video.

(Want the illustrated Turnover Financial Model for your HR firm or department?
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