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  May 18, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #25

The Path to Providing Strategic HR

Last week, a compensation specialist (Jim Brennen) reached out to me to connect on LinkedIn. We had a productive conversation regarding the challenges of providing true Strategic HR to a business. During that discussion he happened to mention an 'HR wheel' (designed by an HR guru whose name I didn't recognize). The 'wheel' illustration concept was fresh on my mind, as I had also recently had a conversation about strategic HR with the CEO of a 300 employee company, and he said "Your method of communicating this is like the "golden circle" [Simon Sinek's]." I already knew that, but what got me excited was that he knew that.

But I then searched google images for various iterations of 'HR wheel', and I found them lacking in what I consider to be the TOTAL business picture. So I designed my own. (I had a previous version many of you may have seen, but the one below adds some critical business components.)

If I were to try to sum it up in a sentence...    To provide true strategic HR to a business, you've got to understand its proprietary model; sit inside the Business Productivity ring (where the C-suite sits); keep your back against the P&L; look outward at your employee assets; understand the different people challenges (HR strategies) in each of the business's different departments / functions; and then know WHICH things in the 'HR solution bucket' (HR tactics and tasks) to do to optimize the business objectives; always knowing that quantifiable financial HR impact happens at the gold HR strategy ring level. (Phew... that was long!)

(By the way, if you're a strategic HR consultant trying to help businesses that don't yet have a "full" HR function, this is a great way to 'teach' prospects about your value offering.)


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