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  June 1, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #27

I hear and I forget.    I see and I remember.    I do and I understand.

A few years back, my then high school junior was telling us over dinner that in her physics class, the teacher always has so many cool demos that he gets the kids actively involved in (including putting one kid in roller blades, and letting him "rocket" himself down the hallway, propelled by a CO2 fire extinguisher). When their hair stands on end, or they're flying down the hall, or they're feeling the shock of electricity stored in a capacitor, those kids are going to truly "understand" physics.

How does this relate to "selling" HR value? Well, I wish I had a nickel for every HR person that's said to me, "I don't take anything into my meetings. I just want to be consultative and have a conversation with the Prospect (or the C-suite)." Usually there's an implied tone in that proclamation that "Presentation books and/or sales materials are for amateurs. I won't stoop that low."

And yet pretty much every HR person is still screaming, "CEOs don't understand our value!!"

Well, it's our fault gang! If you "just talk", the prospect will retain the least amount of your information.

If you "show and tell" the prospect can retain up to 6 times(!) more than from just listening.

So how might we achieve that last option? The "I do and I understand.", for the highest level of buy-in from a prospect?

Admittedly, it's tough with the intangibleness of HR. But whenever you can literally hand the prospect something that will eventually need their interaction for it to be complete, you are then engaging that final "I do" phase of learning.

I'm messing around with an early online version of an HR Assessment that will immediately email an HR Report Card / Dashboard (PDF) to the person doing it. (It's a precursor to a full web app that will do it right in front of their eyes.) The idea is to get the person(s) we're pitching to to "do something" physical - ie, "Go to this link, and let's walk you through a 15 minute exercise that will give you valuable information about your company."

Please take it for a spin. Click here or on the picture below for link. I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

It probably isn't as cool as "rocketing them down the hall on rollerblades", but it may give you an additional "effectiveness edge" in this "HR value communication challenge", where for many years, HR folks are still screaming "CEOs don't understand our value!!"


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