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  June 15, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #29

The "Shift" to Strategic HR

Last week I swerved into a 7 year old white paper done by ADP's major accounts division on Achieving Strategic HR.

The two diagrams below were included in that 12 page paper, and they really do a good job summarizing where one should want to go in their shift from Task HR up to Strategic HR. This applies whether you're an HR consultant, trying to teach potential clients their value of your strategic HR services; a CEO who's trying to more strategically run the people side of his/her business; or an HR practitioner who's trying to get the C-suite to understand the value of letting you do things more strategically.

Also, if you look at the red arrow on the HR Value Wheel I included in May 18th's Tip, the verbiages above perfectly describe the path one needs to take. (click to enlarge)


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