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  November 24, 2014  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #3

The "TASK versus VALUE" Challenge in Human Resources

There are at least 190 'tasks, services, and products' that fall under the total umbrella of Human Resources (HR) and they all take Time and/or Money to accomplish. (Everything in business does.)

Those HR "Things" can be grouped in to 3 general "types" of HR focus, and how many fall into each of those 3 groups is shown in the bars on the bottom of the illustration below.

Critcially more important though, the business-impacting VALUE of each HR "Thing" in each focus area is shown in the vertical bars above each area. Those bars are the 5 HR Strategies that if not done properly or to their fullest extent can drain, restrain, or threaten Profits, and they are shown in the order that a 'Profit-Driving' HR strategist should prioritize them.

In many businesses though, the vast majority of HR time is spent in the first two HR focus area groups, thus the business misses out on over 50% of the value that HR could bring them.


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