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  July 20, 2015  

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Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #33


"We're grabbing every opportunity to tell folks WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO." (the WWA&WWD above)

I'm helping an HR consulting firm with some of their sales messaging, and I've heard that statement above from them every time I'm on the phone with them. And I always then ask them, "How about 'Why We Do What We Do?'" (the WWDWWD above)

It's the challenge of the 'ol Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) method of selling. People are using to "stuff" being sold by way of "here's something we do, and here's why it's valuable to you". And that generally works when you've got a bag full of "stuff" you're willing to sell, piece by piece. That's why payroll is easy to sell. It's a commodity differentiated only by minor features and price. That's why drug testing is easy to sell. That's why 401k's are easy to sell. That's why dental insurance is easy to sell. That's why employee handbooks are easy to sell. That's why unemployment management services are easy to sell. Get my point? I could give about 95 more examples.

But when you've got a huge bag full of "stuff" (ie, you're an HR Generalist consultant), and you WANT TO sell as many things as possible to one prospective client, the "buying game" changes big time. And if the associated "selling game" doesn't adjust to the "buying game", results will be low to mediocre at best.

I've actually done some recent reading on FAB selling methods, and one of the things that pops up occasionally is the suggestion to reverse FAB in the sales messaging to Benefit-Advantage-Feature (BAF). Why would you do that?

'Cause for the prospect to buy a large number of your "HR things" (meaning, instead of you getting an engagement to, let's say, just write a handbook, you get a retained engagement to be their part time CHRO), your value messaging needs to be HUGE and COMPELLING from the second you walk in the door and from the very first time you open your mouth and with every single thing you show them.

And the way you'll know if you're having success at generating interest is if and/or when the prospect asks "How?" "How can you do that?" or "How can you do that better than my current situation?" So the yellow boxes across the top of the picture below show the BAF flow, that starts with Why? and then moves to proving (in areas of prospect interest) with the "Here's How" explanation and sales sheets.


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