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  July 27, 2015  

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Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #34

"The Market" versus "HR Value Service Levels"...

I had an HR consultant tell me a few weeks back, "My small business clients don't "get" strategic. They just want good people, and they want me to keep them out of trouble." That's cool. Sounds like she found a good niche.

But not all businesses only want that level of help, and not all HR Consultants want to deliver just reactive task help.

Below is a pictogram I developed a year or so ago to try to overlay different types of businesses on the left with their probable desired HR value service level on the right. Does size matter? Lots of the time it does, but take caution. While larger often implies more sophistication and more strategic, I've met with some tiny, very sophisticated companies, along with some very large very unsophisticated ones.


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