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  Aug 3, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #35

It's the C-suite's CHOICE...

When it all shakes out, it's ultimately the C-suite's CHOICE of how much resources (Time and Money) they want to allocate to optimizing "the people/employee side" of their business.

In small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) HR resources are often spread thin, whether it's no formal HR department at all in very small companies, or an "HR dept. of one", or a staff of several. Could that be because the C-suite doesn't fully understand the upside of assigning more resources to that effort? Inevitably, those "lite" HR staffs are only doing about 30% to 60% of all the HR things that could be done to help drive profitability. And it's not because they're inept or lazy - it's because there's only so much time in a day, and only so much money they're allowed to spend.

So when HR makes its business case for more resources (budget, HR staff, outsourcing, services, products, etc), show the C-suite the company's "Status Quo HR Effort Scorecard / Dashboard", so they can literally "see" the company's effort level that the current resource allocation choice allows for. The format below is one suggested way doing this, illustrating how many things are actually currently being done in each strategic and tactical area on the left, versus the total number of things that could be done to optimize any area. It's a profile in which 95 out of 197 HR "things" (48%) are being done, and this picture simply counts and illustrates "how many" things (versus accounting for "which" things, too). Choosing which initiatives on the left to prioritize is a completely different exercise and outside the scope of this short Tip, but remember, "showing" the C-suite key business illustrations is much more effective than just "talking" about them.


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