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  Sept 21, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #43


At a SHRM Chapter conference I was speaking at, we were addressing the differences between "Why selling" HR to the C-suite, versus "How selling" it.

At the end, a good natured lady approached me and said, "Good stuff Rob, but you forgot to address something critically important." Somewhat concerned, I asked what that was, and she said, "You mentioned the Why and the How, but how about the When? I'm an HR department of one in a 62 person company, and all I have time for is the basics. My to-do list never gets done. I'm running like crazy every day, and there's no time to get strategic. That's why the "When?" question is important."

She's 100% right. CEOs make a conscious choice on how much Time and Money to allocate towards HR. Remember the 3 types of HR I've mentioned in prior Tips? In the typical SMB like this lady worked in, HR is actually doing about 50% of all that could be done in an HR department that had more time and money. And the picture below illustrates in which of the 3 HR areas those tasks typically fall.

Next week I'll use this same illustration to show you what it would look like if this example company chose to do 39 additional "HR things", specifically with purpose of increasing their ability to Attract Better Employees.


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