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  Oct 26, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #46

How's HR Doing?

(Okay. One more try. Sorry! Operator error on the picture not showing up properly in the first two sends.)

Last Friday I got an email below from a group I subscribe to within SHRM.

Before this person sends out a Survey Monkey asking "what are we doing well, and what needs improving", she should identify what "what" is, and understand that it will be different for different groups of employees.

If she asks the rank and file employees, "what" may be, "How well do we communicate employee benefit options?" Or it may be, "How well do we answer your questions about things like PTO or FMLA?"

If she asks supervisors, "what" may be, "How satisfied are you with the recruiting support we give you?" Or it may be, "How well are the training programs we found for you working"?

If she asks department heads and/or the C-suite, "what" may be, "How well are we controlling Turnover?" Or it may be, "How well are we protecting the business [from an employment perspective]?"

A note on that last one though - if this person "has a seat in the C-suite", she shouldn't be asking that question. She should be answering it.


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