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  Nov 16, 2015  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #48

Phrases that resonate... those 3 types of HR, again...

So again, I've been spending some time hanging around the angel investor / VC community. Interesting folks. Many have run their own businesses in the past, so they can relate to the potential upside and downside of having employees. One guy told me, "I'd rather invest in an A team with a B product, than an A product with a B Team." That says it all for the value of optimizing your "human" resources.

In doing my 8 minute "product pitch" to them last week, I threw up a new slide that illustrated my (not new) 3 types of HR in a different way. I could tell the audience "got it" from the visual. Everyone looked up; lots of nervous laughs; and lots of head nodding. The descriptive sentence about type 2 HR clicked too.

I told them, as I've mentioned in past Tips here, that businesses CHOOSE how much Time and Money to spend on HR, as reflected in the two "Mindset" boxes below. And the decision will depend on how much value they anticipate receiving in return for the resources expended. That's HR ROI.


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