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  December 22, 2014  

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #7

93 HR Related Business Metrics - did I miss any?

As you implement a strategic HR plan in a business, you should try to find quantified evidence that the HR initiatives are working and accomplishing the selected business objectives. Metrics, in other words. This is a best practices principle across all departments in a business.

For your pondering pleasure over the Holidays, feel free to examine the 93 HR related metrics I identified, along with the highest place they could have reasonable credibility in the HR Value Pyramid. Obviously some of the measurements are leading indicators, and some are lagging indicators. Both have their place in the evaluation process. And obviously, some of the metrics can be significantly impacted by factors outside of HR's control, yet they still warrant monitoring to keep an eye on the big picture.

If you click the picture below, it'll take you to the larger more readable DRAFT page on my website.

I'd welcome feedback and suggestions from any and all readers as to whether I missed any significant metric points. Quite a few of the ones I put down can be (or need to be) tweaked and made specific to the department or business unit being assisted. So those just show some examples.

I'm taking next week off from these Sales Tips, so Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2015!

Catch ya next year,

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