Strategic HR “Sales” Tips

Strategic HR Weekly "Sales" Tip #52  Dec14, 2015

Being Strategic Is not Optional...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #51 Dec 7, 2015

HR and Business Profitability...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #50 Nov 30, 2015

Two "Views" of HR...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #49 Nov 23, 2015

No need to talk Profits...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #48 Nov 16, 2015

Phrases that resonate... those 3 types of HR, again...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #47 Nov 9, 2015

Clarity in messaging...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #46 Oct 26, 2015

How's HR Doing?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #45 Oct 19, 2015

The "Holy Grail" of HR?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #44 Oct 12, 2015

Competitive Disadvantage for Small Businesses

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #43 Sept 28, 2015

WHEN? (do I have time)

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #42 Sept 21, 2015

Illustrating ROI from HR initiatives

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #41 Sept 14, 2015

Employee Productivity...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #40 Sept 8, 2015

"Soft Costs" Yeah, right...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #39 Aug 31, 2015

"Show and Tell"

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #38 Aug 24, 2015

HR in Non-Profits vs For-Profits

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #37 Aug 17, 2015

Make, Keep, Save

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #36 Aug 10, 2015

HR? Oh yeah... the Paper Pushers and the Compliance Police!

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #35 Aug 3, 2015

It's the C-suite's CHOICE...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #34 July 27, 2015

"The Market" versus "HR Value Service Levels"...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #33 July 20, 2015

Benefit > Feature "selling" vs Feature > Benefit

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #32 July 6, 2015

Addressing Different Prospect Client Types...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #31 June 29, 2015

Prioritization Of HR Tasks..

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #30 June 22, 2015

3 Aspects of Business Protection...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #29 June 15, 2015

The "Shift" to Strategic HR...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #28 June 8, 2015

The Employee Productivity discussion...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #27 June 1, 2015

I hear and I forget.    I see and I remember.    I do and I understand.

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #26 May 26, 2015

"They just don't understand..."

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #25 May 18, 2015

The Path to Providing Strategic HR

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #24 May 11, 2015

The Complex Sale

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #23 May 4, 2015

Do Small / Mid Sized Businesses Really NEED "HR"?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #22 Apr 27, 2015

Maximizing Profits thru Revenue Protection...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #21 Apr 21, 2015

How Much Does Turnover Negatively Impact Your Profits?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #20 Apr 13, 2015

Business Acumen…

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #19 Apr 6, 2015

Earning The Right to Access and Discuss Private Business Information

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #18 Mar 30, 2015

Using Visuals To “Teach” the C-Suite HR’s Value

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #17 Mar 23, 2015

Why Is HR So Hard To Define?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #16 Mar 16, 2015

An interesting LinkedIn: HR discussion...

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #15 Feb 23, 2015

"Pictures" Of A Thousand Words...  

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #14 Feb 16, 2015

Doe HR Produce a Profit?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #13 Feb 9, 2015

"HR and Profits? They don't go together."

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #12 Feb 2, 2015

An HR Person Who Knows “Business”??

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #11  Jan 26, 2015

Psst!  Can I Interest You in a Colonoscopy?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #10  Jan 19, 2015

What is Core HR?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #9  Jan 12, 2015

Time?    in the P&L?    how's that work?

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #8  Jan 5, 2015

Function vs Purpose in HR

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #7   Dec 22, 2014

93 Practical HR Business Metrics and Where They Sit in the HR Value Pyramid

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #6   Dec 15, 2014

One way to show “the cost” of Employee Productivity

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #5    Dec 8, 2014

Finally - an HR person actually said the word “Profits”

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #4    Dec 1, 2014

The "Golden Circle” in HR

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #3    Nov 24, 2014

The "TASK versus VALUE" Challenge in Human Resources

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #2     Nov 17, 2014

”Teaching" (Clients) HOW HR will impact the P&L…

Strategic HR “Sales” Tip #1     Nov 10, 2014

Why “Compliance” ALONE Doesn’t Earn HR a “Seat At The Table”

"The SHRMS is cutting edge because it's a technology based HR solution tool that works through a logical business-assessment process flow, and then generates custom reports that shows how everything relates back to the P&L.  That's all CEOs want to talk about."

Alfonso Bowens, Vice President

New Legacy Business Solutions

Nov 4, 2014     Hi.  I'm Rob Blunt, President of 4-Profit-HR.  For the past 12 years (since early 2002) I've emailed a free Weekly Sales Tip to about 1000 recipients in the HR Outsourcing profession (last week's was Tip #590!).  This is a new Tip series though, and it will have very much of a Strategic and 'pure' HR focus, rather than the more 'packaged administrative HR' focus of the HRO space.

And why do I use the term "Sales" with HR?  Because Sales is all about how to effectively communicate Value in business, and I've spent 27 years doing that in the HR space, having met with over 1,000 small/mid sized business (SMB) Owners, Presidents, or CEOs to "sell them" on HR.

And lastly, if you know of any other HR Professionals that would benefit from honing their Strategic HR / Communication skills, please let them know they can sign up for this free Weekly Tip here on my website (over on the left).

So on to the Tips...

Nov 4, 2014     A note about these Tips from Rob Blunt, President of 4-Profit-HR


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