Having spent the last 28 years in HR “Business Development” roles and having met with well over a thousand businesses either in direct HR sales or in a sales training support role, we know what’s missing in the “HR Value Communication” effort.

Whether that communication is to an internal CEO or to the owner of a company that an HR Consultant would like to engage as a Client, “Value Communication” is “Sales”.  It’s convincing another party to take action that we recommend, for which they will pay us (fee or salary), to implement.

We understand and can help you communicate in a compelling manner WHY and HOW the many, many HR functions, products and services that fall under the HR umbrella impact the Profit & Loss statement of a business.  This is what CEOs want to hear from HR!

For HR professionals – either consultants or internal employees - experiencing frustration with the HR-to-Profits disconnect, 4-Profit-HR offers:

Value For You

Client Testimonial:

"From our sales training sessions with Rob, HRi has a better understanding than we've ever had in 20 years of the real business value we provide clients"

Tim Schaffer, SPHR




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