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Turnover Cost Analysis Model

There are many hundreds of “studies” in which “they” say Turnover costs a business anywhere from 20% to 300% of the total annual wage and benefit cost of the position.

But most CEOs won’t act on “hearsay” studies!

Use this extremely comprehensive model (Microsoft Excel) to…

HR Return On Investment (ROI) “What if?” Model

CEOs may be “leaving money on the table” (profits) due to their “Status Quo” HR Profile, and existing profits may be “at risk” due to holes in that Profile.

But do you show CEOs this in a convincing manner with actual numbers?

This model takes a 5 year look at the Profit difference projections…

Learn More…

Learn More…

Client Testimonial:

“You bring nuclear weapons to HR firms that, up until now, have had to fight with bows and arrows.”

Gene Wilson

Senior Operations, Staffing and HR Executive


Human Resources Value Communication Tools and Expertise

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